The rise of modern high definition helmet cameras is something that the climbers within the arboricultural industry have embraced with open arms. The views from our office high in the trees are almost always stunning, even more so down here in the Southern Alps. Combine this with impressive rigging techniques and working at height – all the ingredients are there for spectacular footage.

You’ll often see our extremely subtle brick-like helmet camera flashing it’s recording light whilst we carry out large jobs. Part of the goal with recording our work is to educate the general public as to exactly what can be involved in a normal working day for an arborist. Not many people truly understand the risks involved in large tree removals, but by using helmet cameras we can give you an onboard perspective and take you up the tree with us from the comfort of your own home.

RoyalTree was recently contracted to remove three 28m tall Douglas Firs which had grown in very close proximity to the clients’ house. The three trees were successfully rigged down over two and a half days and on the second day we recorded the rigging down of the head of the final tree. The video was uploaded to our facebook page and within days it had been seen by thousands of people within New Zealand and around the world.

Remember, professional arborists exist for a reason, don’t become a statistic by trying to attempt tree work yourself. Some jobs are best left to the experts!

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