Royal Tree perform tree services all over the South Island of NZ.

As qualified arborists we get to experience some of New Zealand’s most amazing trees, often from a vantage most will never see.

Here we share a wee bit of it…

What a team

I'm just gonna say it! Got the best guys at Royaltree. They go super hard and always with a smile. Huge couple of days. Super proud of the massive effort they make every single day. Onya Gregory Sydney Hobbit Coppenhall and Danny...

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Good wood!

Saved 1.5 tons of Cedar from a section clearance today. Off to the yard to season and eventually be milled into slabs to make tables....

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Turn your old trees into awesome things

Currently involved in an ongoing milling project - first up - some ridiculously heavy hardwood posts from old growth Eucalyptus. Takes a tractor to lift each post!If you have a tree you would like removed, remember that there are options beyond firewood... Tables,...

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Know your cuts!

A uprooted tree is a very dangerous thing! Knowing your cuts in this situation is the difference between a story you post about, and a story your friends read about in the newspaper! Posted by RoyalTree Ltd on Tuesday, 1 December...

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Woodchips for sale!

Woodchip bags now on sale at Shotover Garden Centre! Look after your garden beds, plants and trees this season with our beautiful mulch, produced locally right here in the Wakatipu basin, by our New Zealand made Hansa C30 woocdchipper. On sale...

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Poplar removals

2 Lombardy Poplar removals in Fruitlands, south of Alexandra. Absolutely laden with fencing wire through the base. Felled the main stem of this big Bertha at around 15 feet thinking we would have clean wood, amazingly over the years the wire had moved upwards through...

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Crown Lift and Thin

Before and After: Liquidamber Styraciflua goes through a crown lift and thin, whilst 3 topped Silver Birches were removed in front of it to bring the tree into its own.  

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RoyalTree GOPRO video goes viral

The rise of modern high definition helmet cameras is something that the climbers within the arboricultural industry have embraced with open arms. The views from our office high in the trees are almost always stunning, even more so down here in the Southern Alps....

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